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Please note that I am making the first entry on 3/27/08
If you are drawn to this page and would like to honor a person or a group of people who have made a transition to the other side.  Please email me and I will add them to our Memorial Page.Please send an email with your name and your loved ones name , how you would like the listing to list,along with the date you reviewed this page. If you see the entry listed immediately great and if not then I am traveling or are busy ; I will put the listing up when I get a chance.I will keep your loved ones name on this page for up to six month provided I do not run out of space and then you can rerequest the name be put back up.  Please feel free to use first names , first and last names , and first names with intials in the Memorial  book. ***Important*** As this is a public forum and I can't control who looks at the website please use your judgement in how you would like your names to list.  Listing is at your own responsibility, and not mine so please keep this in mind.  Enjoy the process of sending your love out today.

We are mirrors and when we send out love we receive love reflected back in obvious and subtle ways.  Those people who have made the transition to the other side will be able to feel your intention in the love and healing you send to them.  It is a universal experience
across all cultures to honor the ancestors and those who came before us who made a difference in our life and those who may be in need of healing.

Quick Instructions:
1. Optional Step: If you have a picture , candle to light  or other items you would like to have with you, please bring it forward to with you and place it in a good spot.
Please note if you light a candle that you are doing it at your own risk and I am not responsible.
2. Please find a quiet place to get comfortable and go within.

3. Please have the intention that your loved one be with you if possible and know that you are honoring them.

4. Please say a prayer for you and them: ex: Infinite Spirit or G-d , surround me with your love and divine white light of protection as I am here today with the intention of honoring____________ may my words and thoughts of love, healing, kindness, understanding, forgiveness....
etc.(anything positive) go out to _________ in  a way that is beneficial to _____________.  May I feel the comfort of knowing that my relationship with ___________can still be continued in a healthy loving way should I choose to remain in contact;  let __________ feel the goodness of my intentions through my prayers and thoughts.  I now imagine that an infinite source of unconditional love is covering me and going through my entire being and when I feel filled up with this unconditional love I intend and imagine that I am sending it from my heart to _____________(Please do this). I continue to remember _____________(hold memories and thoughts in your mind of what you would like to communicate) and it is recieved. Optional ***Light the candle. Thank you Infinite Sprit or G-d, for allowing me this opportunity to send my love and healing out into the universe to ___________________ to honor ________________ let the memory of ________ be an inspiration to me . Amen


DATE:___3/27/08 -FROM:Debra
IN LOVING MEMORY OF: of Grandma Emma  , Grandpa Harry , Grandma Esther  ,Grandpa Abe, my best friend Adrienne Shurgin and my father in law Peter . May my love extend to you throughout all time.

Date: 3/27/08 - From: Cinimon
My heart wouldnt be complete without knowing all of you.
All the memories,laughter, cuddles , and love.
Thanks to you Dad, Mom, My Mickey, Matthew Heartland, Cousin Gloria, Furbie,Paula Scott. You made me a better person.
my love enclosed 

Date 4/7/08- Helen D. -  memorial to Willie, Hannah--my Mother & Betty--My sister

Date 4/15/08- Linda W.-  Memorial to : 
Suzanne Haggman
Jodi Vania
Leslie Kaplan
Jay Sea

to all of my girlfriends who sleep in Heaven, Bless You ALL.

my Family in Heaven

Libby & Bob

Date 2/19/09- Eileen Viola-  Memorial-
With the deepest of love and appreciation to my loving daughter Kaitlyn Viola who is missed so much. Kaitlyn's Angel date is  November 13th 2008.  She is always in my heart.

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