About Debra

Debra Huelsebusch is a NLP Trainer - Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy (TM) Practitioner, and Master Hypnosis Coach. She is able to offer NLP certifications per the American Board of NLP. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook.

Debra has been studying personal development and holistic modalities for over 15 years.  She is committed to her continuing education so she can bring to her clients the most cutting edge tools for transformation.

In 1994, Debra studied Hawaiian Huna spirituality and, energy healing in Hawaii and found that her psychic gifts really opened up.  There she learned Higher Self Therapy techniques and Higher Self communication in the context of energy work and energetic emotional clearing.  In Hawaii she received as part of her training Hawaiian Guides.

She has taken psychic development courses that have dramatically improved her abilities in the areas of: clairvoyance, mediumship, and psychometry. These psychic development classes helped solidify her commitment to becoming a professional psychic medium. She will continue to take metaphysical classes for the rest of her life to increase the tools she can use with her clients and her knowledge base.

Debra runs a psychic practice as her primary career and focus. She is also a certified Séance conductor and regularly co-conducts séances. She is also a Spiritualist Minister.

Debra works with individuals in client sessions and she also works at public events. 

Her Approach

Debra takes a heart centered and practical approach in her business practices. She is passionate about helping people develop skills and inner resources so they can connect to their potential.

Debra takes a mind, body, spirit approach and also works with: Past Life Regressions, Psychic Intuitive Readings, Guided Meditations, and Energy Balancing. She is a Spiritual Psychic Medium who is certified in: Past Life Therapy, as an Intuitive Consultant, and in the systems of Reiki and Huna.

She feels that everyone can tap into their psychic abilities and believes taking formal classes can help.


As a child she had premonitions about who she would meet during the day and about specific events that happened.
The first psychic memory was of her grandfather’s death. Debra arrived home from camp at the age of nine and announced to her father that she thought her grandfather was dead. Her father told her that he had just found out that he died of old age that morning.
In her mid twenties, Debra felt a need to go further with her spirituality and study healing.

In 1993 she studied pranic healing and would get psychic information from feeling a person’s chakras.  She also learned to dowse for psychic information. She was particularly good at determining what type of personality the person in question had and how they would be in a relationship.  She continues to give accurate psychic love assessment readings for people.