Psychic Readings/ Consultations:

I believe we all have priorities and preferences that remain the same or change from time to time.  However you decide you would like your reading is just perfect. Here are some great choices to choose from.
Enjoy choosing these or let me know what your preference would be in a reading.


Please read on for the options below and call me to set up your appointment.
Debra Huelsebusch 212-868-0810.

Universal Readings:

Psychic Intuitive Reading:  Dynamic information on: Relationships, Love,Career,Family,Relocation, Past Lives, Aura, Spirit Guides, Your Spirituality,  and Your Gifts ,Loved Ones,  and  your Higher Self

Specialized Readings:

Love Readings-Receive insights about what is important to you in relationship.  Find out what may be helping or hindering you  in getting the relationship of your dreams. Learn about potential partners.  Get your profile as a couple. Find out if  he or she is a great potential for you.

Past Life Readings- Find out about your Past Lives and your karma.  Where were you and who were you with?  What did you do ? How  is that  impacting your life now?

Mediumistic Readings- Connect with the your Love Ones who have passed and get important messages; know the love, kindness, and support from they bring to you from the other side.

Life Path Readings-Speak with your Higher Self.  Find out where you are headed on  your life's path. Explore your options? What lessons and information do you need to know about that your Higher Self would like you to know about?

Guide Readings- Learn about your spirit guides and  what messages they have for you right now.  What
are the  things, and the steps that will help you grow

Angel Readings-  Speak with your Guardian Angel, Angels , and the Arch Angels and find out the loving messages they have from the Heavens.

Debra works with individuals in private sessions in person and over the phone.
To Set up a Phone Reading  call  908-377-9374
To Make an in Person Appointment call

In addition to traditional readings my clients are often interested in learning to channel intuitive guidance for themselves. If you  would like to learn how to  connect with the Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides when they are at home please call me to set up an inner guidance session with you.  This session will include a tape for you to take home and practice.  I will work  with you  to have you do your own interview with your quides so that you can receive your own guidance from them when you are on your own. If that interests you let me know . This type of work typically takes longer than a regular session and would be available for an extra charge. It is a great way to increase and open up your intuition.

Call Debra for your psychic reading or an intuitive guidance session at :

Debra gives heart centered messages with a touch of humor. Debra Huelsebusch is a  Psychic Intuitive and  a Medium who is clairvoyant, clairsentience, she utilizes psychometry( reading the aura around small objects, photos, and writing samples), and reads from the Higher Self. Clients are often amazed by how powerful, helpful, and accurate
the information is that is coming through to them.

She conducts private sessions in her

offices in New York City, NY and Hoboken, NJ

  *Please set the intention that you will be open to receive your higher guidance before you get to the session.   This will allow more of a free flow when you sit down for the session.                    
* If you want to hear from a specific loved one who crossed over set the intention and inivite them to show up to your session beforehand. 
99% of the time they will show up.

* Please prepare and bring your questions to the reading.  Debra will review your questions with you to be the most time effiecient and on point.

*Please also bring any objects or pictures you would like to have Debra tune into with you.

*Debra will say a short prayer to set up safe space and relaxing atmosphere as your reading begins.

*Debra may also say a short guided meditation to help you relax if necessary.

* She will then go into relaxed state and start your reading.

She is available for Phone Sessions Countrywide-

Once a phone session is scheduled

She will call you at your number for the session. 

* Please  have your questions ready for the reading.

* If you would like Debra to look at any pictures at your reading you can e-mail or mail you pictures in( optional).

*Debra will say a short guided meditation to set up safe space and relaxing atmosphere as your reading begins.

* She will then go into a relaxed state and start your reading.


Debra also enjoys and is available for psychic readings/ consultations at your Party or Event.  Make your event an event to remember. Imagine the fun and the conversation your guests will have getting the inside information on: Love, Business, Relocation, Past Lives, and Loved Ones who have passed on.  She will give your guests individual mini- readings and they will be in awe of the insights that come through. She  has done many readings at  events including working at:major dept store promotions, book store events, corporate events, and party events.

Call 212-868-0810 or 908-377-9374 for a consultation about event services and to book a session or event

Events must be booked for a minimum of two hours
Event prices will be discounted for time booked over three hours

Readings/ Consultations are:

"For Entertainment Only"

As required by New York State

Must be over 18 years old