" I was surprised my grandfather on my father's side showed up for my reading. He died when I was six. You told me a lot about him and  that he shared my passion for writing; and all the information about him was accurate.  You also told me that my dad would be open to speaking about him and that my grandfather said that my dad would be very happy to talk about him the next time I went home.  It is not usual for my dad to speak about my grandfather.  I went home a few days later and my dad told me he had found a picture of my grandfather I had never seen before  he showed it to me and we talked a long time about my grandfather.  Thank you for the reading. I feel closer to my father and grandfather." 

"I really enjoyed the Past Life reading you gave me.  I have always been attracted to France and it was interesting for me to explore the two life times I had there.  You did not know that I lived in Paris in my early twenties  and I am strongly attracted to French men at the time of our reading.  The reading helped explain my roles during these life times and why I feel the way I do about certain things.  The karmic issues I have from those lives.  You also helped me get in touch with  interests that I have been neglecting and I feel good about exploring them again." 

"I  am glad that I decided to have a reading with you.  I looked at your picture and I knew you were the right person to read me.  I am able to read pictures and I am also psychic.  I thought that your take on my relocation options were right on the money.  It was good to have someone else confirm them and what they would be like for me.  You told me that what ever I did it was up to me but you saw me staying at my sisters for a time in Florida.  I already had tickets to go there and planned on staying with my sister .  You described our family dynamics to a tee.  Wow, thanks  Debra."

" Debra is an incredibly gifted  clairvoyant, and medium. She is  clear ,compassionate, and very open 
to Spirit contact. She is also an excellent Past 
Life Regression Therapist. I have attended several workshops she has  given. In each one, I have had profound 
experiences and clear memories that are helping me access talents, and heal old wounds and patterns in 
this life time.  I highly recommend her !"